The Straight Shooter

When we think of a straight shooter we tend to think of persons who can be depended on to communicate the truth.  While this is accurate, straight shooters come in many varieties. There are persons who use straight shooting to support members of their teams and others use it to destroy.  Some are consistently straight [...]

Modelling as a Leadership Tool

To sustain desired behaviors, it is important to model them. Modelling happens when a person consistently demonstrates behaviors that point to a particular value system.  Whether the modeled behavior is intentional or not, it gives permission to others to demonstrate actions that reflect a similar value system. In other words, modelling provides observers with the [...]

Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?

No two cultures are the same, even if they have similar qualities these characteristics manifest in different ways.  I have encountered collaborative work environments where persons can be ready and willing to work together, I have also come across innovative teams that are focused on creating, planning and implementing. On the unproductive side of the [...]

Mastering Tone

Emotions operate like a virus, traveling from person to person, creating a collage of feelings. When emotions are allowed to flow unabated, they can cause a virus that connects with the team that can be productive or unconstructive. Your tone of voice amounts to how you say what you have to say. When you are [...]

Setting Healthy Boundaries at Work

Sometimes when the word boundary is used it can be perceived as a four-letter word. This is because for some, setting boundaries means putting up a wall, blocking people out, disabling their attempts to influence. These people are intrinsically motivated so standing up for their needs supersedes the needs of everyone else. On the other [...]

Is it the Culture, or Employees? That is the Question!

The Wells Fargo scandal is an interesting case study that presents the question, did the employees cause it, or was it the culture?  On one hand, the CEO indicated the scandal happened because of employees.  On the other hand, it appears that employees responsible for sales were under duress because of extreme demands. CNN interviewed [...]

The Angel in the Marble

Michaelangelo once said, “I saw the angel in the marble and carved it to set him free.” Leaders who can visualize the potential of their team members and choose to help their coworkers access their internal resources, recognize at least three important factors: Solutions that take multiple perspectives into consideration can yield even better results [...]

Balancing People and Processes

Earlier in my career, I worked with an executive who always reinforced the message, “What gets measured, gets done.”  It is a deceptively simple statement because it has profound implications. For example, if you measure only processes, your people will focus on the process to the exclusion of all else. Additionally, measuring only processes can lead [...]

Why Change Matters

So why does change matter?  Change is all around us.  If leaders wait too long to address changes within their internal and external environments, organizations can miss the windows of opportunity to change without doing damage to their brand and ultimately their businesses. For example, in some circumstances, decision makers choose not to follow the [...]

The Power of Information

As a leader, it is important for you to keep your fingers on the pulse of the organization. It helps to know what is happening, what is about to happen and why, because your ability to answer these questions equips you with information you need to take proactive steps to address situations that can create [...]