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What I do

I work with open-minded and growth-oriented CEOs, Managing Directors and Boards of small and medium-sized organizations who are having challenges with top executives or their organizational structures. I help businesses determine if executives are no longer right for their roles, and I redesign structures that are no longer relevant due to rapid growth. I also, provide other strategic HR & Training support in areas like executive recruitment, performance measurement, executive development, and succession planning.

I help decision-makers ensure their organizational structure works for their business vision and their executives have the skills, expertise and emotional intelligence to lead teams in achieving business results while building healthy, professional relationships. Yvette’s strengths with relationship building and communication help to facilitate desired outcomes.

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'Yvette possesses a rare talent for introducing difficult information without creating conflict. This is a powerful skill. She does not get distracted by emotion, she is able to see through an objective lens."

 - BT, Managing Director

Transportation Industry

New Book Coming Soon!

Interconnectivity, Flow and Balance:

A Model of Organizational Culture Design

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Self- Mastery Tools



E.Q. Librium

E.Q. Librium shows leaders how to apply emotional intelligence skills in emotionally charged situations. Emotional intelligence is central to attaining healthy morale, high performance, and engaged employees.



Getting to E.Q. Librium

Getting to E.Q. Librium is an award winning activity book with introspective exercises designed to help leaders make the internal shifts necessary for enhanced emotional competence.



Games People Play at Work

The Games People Play at Work is an emotional intelligence simulation that both educates and entertains. Leaders can develop emotional intelligence skills in a simulated environment.

"Without saying much to Yvette she can identify blocks. She is sharp and intelligent with a strong desire to help me and my team, grow. Yvette holds me accountable and she is honest. There is no dancing around. She does not say what you want to hear. She says what you need to hear."

 - HR Professional

Financial Services

Consulting Services

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