Down with Political Correctness

In an era where the authenticity of news and facts are coming under constant scrutiny it is important to also take a look at political correctness.  Political correctness is supposed to be a system of behaviour that requires persons to express themselves or act in a way that is inclusive and respectful toward persons who [...]

As Good as Your Last Act

We all have some type of value assigned to us based on how others perceive us. Whether we buy into these perceptions or not depends on if we are intrinsically or extrinsically motivated. For those who are intrinsically motivated their personal value is internally defined.  It is unwavering in the face of other’s opinions.  For [...]

Tips for Inexperienced Leaders

These leaders are newly appointed to a leadership role because they have the qualifications and the results to match.  The company sees potential in these individuals because they are technically sound, highly driven, and talented.  Their employers have big plans for these new leaders. However, in some instances, persons reporting to them don’t feel engaged, [...]

Moving from Me to We

When I speak with leaders I tend to attune to their language in order to understand their orientation toward the team.  Some leaders speak about themselves profusely, using the words “I” or “me” so often that it sounds like they the only person in the department.  Sometimes these leaders refer to the team as “my” [...]

Modelling as a Leadership Tool

To sustain desired behaviors, it is important to model them. Modelling happens when a person consistently demonstrates behaviors that point to a particular value system.  Whether the modeled behavior is intentional or not, it gives permission to others to demonstrate actions that reflect a similar value system. In other words, modelling provides observers with the [...]

Multi-Person Communication

Communication can be a two-person sport. You meet someone, get to know her, then take the steps you need to keep the relationship alive and warm. With other introductions, you are delinquent allowing the would-be relationship to die a natural, disconnected death. The same is true in teams, when a new person joins a team, [...]

Restructuring Feedback

Feedback is a curious thing. The intention behind offering it is to bring about positive change, to modify behaviour. However, when criticism is offered, even when it is skillfully embedded in a non-judgmental tone, sounding supportive and authentic, persons on the receiving end can still feel attacked or embarrassed so responses like withdrawal, defensiveness or [...]

From Power to Empowerment

Power, in and of itself is neither positive nor negative, it is the intent behind it.   Jackie is a manager who is ambitious, and focused on her movement up the corporate ladder.  She aligns herself with executives and other coworkers who can help her attain her ambitions.  She is prepared to throw her colleagues under [...]

Is it Time for Something New?

At certain times in our careers we need to make decisions about up-levelling our lives and careers.  Some persons are loyal to their organizations, waiting for their supervisors to recognize their contributions and potential. They wait and wait, and sometimes they are rewarded with a promotion if they wait long enough. This is because the [...]

Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?

No two cultures are the same, even if they have similar qualities these characteristics manifest in different ways.  I have encountered collaborative work environments where persons can be ready and willing to work together, I have also come across innovative teams that are focused on creating, planning and implementing. On the unproductive side of the [...]