6 Tips for Leading with Resourcefulness

In the modern workplace, leaders are expected to do more and more with less resources. In some organizations this means the employee complement gets reduced and the workload remains the same or increases. In other organizations there are insufficient tools available, or there are untrained employees. As the evolving external environment drives deeper and deeper [...]

Is Your Organization Ready for Change?

I have witnessed multiple change initiatives where, once an opportunity for change is identified by decision-makers they move forward with making change happen. In the initial stages, there can be commitment to transformation by one or a few executives, even though their understanding of what that change may mean may not yet be fully envisioned. [...]

Intentional Culture

There are organizations that are unintentional about their cultures. Leaders of these institutions don’t perceive the value of spending time defining and sustaining their cultures. They don’t realize that a well-defined, intentional culture is so valuable that it can serve as a critical differentiating factor within their market(s). There are multiple factors that contribute to [...]

Neutralize Your Biases When Making Decisions

Regardless of how vigilant we are when making decisions, sometimes we allow known or indiscernible biases to penetrate our process, coloring them with assumptions, misinterpretations, and opinions. As a leader, you are involved with making decisions about persons that can permanently impact their lives so with great responsibility comes the need to demonstrate objectivity and fairness. [...]

Moving From Avoidance to Accountability

The words evasion, prevention and avoidance all have both constructive and dysfunctional applications. For instance, avoidance can be calculated inaction that will serve the greater good. You can take actions that can help you to avert a catastrophe and save jobs or you can decide to avoid an immediate decision because you fear the consequences [...]