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We live in an unpredictable global environment, so it is a time of business as unusual, and survival of the most agile. Now that we have entered uncharted territory, modern people effectiveness solutions cannot be enhanced versions of conventional strategies.

With this in mind, Yvette created a proprietary consulting system, Interconnectivity, Flow, & BalanceSM , which supports organizations with establishing cultures defined by trust, developing self aware leaders, and facilitating healthy coworker interactions that can drive improved results over the long-term.

Yvette is and award winning author, Fulbright Scholar and creator of the IFBSM methodology. She is an HR and People Effectiveness consultant with 20 years of Fortune 500 experience and  more than 11 years as a consultant. Contact Yvette for a free consultation.

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'Yvette possesses a rare talent for introducing difficult information without creating conflict. This is a powerful skill. She does not get distracted by emotion, she is able to see through an objective lens."

 - BT, Managing Director

Transportation Industry

Our Newly Released Book!

Interconnectivity, Flow, and Balance:

A Values-Based Framework for Reinventing Leadership in Uncertain Times

In natural ecosystems, change is constant. Everything's interconnected, and the continuous everyday interactions between and amongst the ecosystem's organisms and their environment create a state of balance.

FACT: The inherent qualities of natural ecosystems—including constant change—exist in organizations as well.

But most companies view change as a necessary evil that requires resources they don’t have. The result? They’re reactive, always bracing for the next “unexpected” crisis. By contrast, a company that builds its operation on a foundation of trust and systemically incorporates change as a constant, will be far more adaptable, resilient and responsive—crucial attributes for peak performance in uncertain times.

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Self- Mastery Tools



E.Q. Librium

E.Q. Librium shows leaders how to apply emotional intelligence skills in emotionally charged situations. Emotional intelligence is central to attaining healthy morale, high performance, and engaged employees.



Getting to E.Q. Librium

Getting to E.Q. Librium is an award winning activity book with introspective exercises designed to help leaders make the internal shifts necessary for enhanced emotional competence.



Games People Play at Work

The Games People Play at Work is an emotional intelligence simulation that both educates and entertains. Leaders can develop emotional intelligence skills in a simulated environment.

"Without saying much to Yvette she can identify blocks. She is sharp and intelligent with a strong desire to help me and my team, grow. Yvette holds me accountable and she is honest. There is no dancing around. She does not say what you want to hear. She says what you need to hear."

 - HR Professional

Financial Services

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